We all want everything that we have at home with us when we're on vacation, but none of us wants to take any of it on a plane. We have tried to think of most things that you might need when you are travelling with family, such as stair gates, baby monitors, strollers, booster seats, pack n play cots, but there are some items that we don't have in the house permenantly.

However, rather than having to bring these items with you we have been working with a local company and are able to offer items for rent for the duration of your stay. These items will be placed in the home before your arrival, and you just leave them in the home after you leave. We will take care of everything. We'll place the orders, make the payments, organise delivery, everything. All we need from you is to tick the options on the booking form and we'll include the costs in the overall rental agreement.

To the right is a selection of the items that we have available to rent. If there's something else that you can think of then please let us know and we'll see what we can do.
  • Full Size Wooden Crib - $60 per week

  • Toddler Bed - $60 per week

  • Double Stroller $66 per week

  • Baby Bath $20 per week

  • Baby Swing $35 per week

  • Exersaucer $35 per week

  • Bumbo $14 per week

  • Rocking Chair $35 per week

  • Gas grill $40 per week

  • We can even help out organising mobility scooters